Who Is The Foodaholic Girl


Girls and food is quite a common combination. Cooking food, eating food, playing with food and decorating food; there are so many things girls love to do with food. I was the type of girl before who was more interested in eating food rather than cooking it. Then after the completion of my studies, at the age of 23 I got married and was sent to my husband’s home without a command in the art of cooking. Till my wedding, I didn’t even know how to make a fried egg for breakfast.

I was completely unknown to the world of cooking until I started doing it after a month or so. I would stand beside my mother-in-law and see her cooking food and would ask questions about it. She is a very kind lady and because of her soft teacher-like behavior, I learned a lot. I used to see food programs and shows on TV too and was fond of watching them. So learning the art of cooking didn’t seem difficult to me. I have been learning since then. I have been trying the traditional recipes of our Pakistani homes and many other cuisine recipes too from the cookbooks and internet. Till now, every recipe has turned out very well.

My fame as a good cook has been spreading among people in my family too 😉 It feels awesome to know people are admiring you for your hard work. I love trying out different new restaurants and new dishes. I would share my love for food in this blog. I isn’t the kind of blog where you can find recipes only. I would share my adventures with you, stories from my life related to food, ways to cook food in an easy way, some amazing recipes and also fiction on the topic of food.

My all time favorite foods are chocolates and pastas. I love bar-b-q and steaks. Love the flavor of cheese and black pepper. Love having a cup of coffee with chocolate cake in winter nights. Love eating snacks while watching my favorite TV serials. Love cold lemonades in hot summer days. Love having a cup of tea while looking at rainfall through my room’s window.

I always love to connect with my readers. Girls who don’t know cooking, see it isn’t very hard ! You can travel with me on the road to cook better. Boys, reading about food is fun, isn’t it ? There is no full stop to acquiring knowledge, So I am here to teach you a little and learn a lot from you. I would be honored if you will share your love with me.